What is La Tognazza?

“He would agree to things other actors of his caliber would probably have refused, movies by young directors, plays abroad, challenging roles. He was a very brave actor, he feared nothing “.

That’s how Lorenzo Baraldi (Italian film producer) spoke about Ugo Tognazzi.
And that’s how we are: as brave and innovative as our founder.

We have an important past and a powerful legacy we tell and constantly update through our wines.

La Tognazza is nowadays a well-established brand and way of life.

It’s about character, conviviality, bold and creative personality and fun.

These are the main characteristics of our products, giving color, aroma, flavour and life to our labels.

Each Tognazza wine holds a story of its own, always different and, most of all, against the flow.
All the way from the vineyards to the bottles, the labels, the communication, we long to be an alternative.

We are THE alternative.