Tognazza family

Our history is an interweaving of events and anecdotes crossing the world of Italian culture and cinema since the mid-sixties.

The great actor Ugo Tognazzi (Wikipedia) chose the vineyards and the olive groves of the Velletri estate as the starting point of our adventure.
Cinema was very different back then. Movie plots and screenplays were often conceived around a table enjoying a fine glass of wine.

Tognazzi was a ground-breaking entrepreneur and his farmhouse was one of the first examples of zero food miles production.
Its wine, oil and vegetables were the raw materials of Ugo’s “food manias”.

As everybody in Italy knows, he was a very well-known food lover, thanks to the several cookbooks he wrote.
Ugo passed away in 1990 and his wife Franca Bettoja had a first try to launch “La Tognazza”.

During the mid-90s, the estate of Velletri produces wine, oil, creams, jams and sells them in its home shop.

However, it was Ugo’s third son, Gian Marco (Wikipedia), who eventually turned La Tognazza into an established brand.
Our long road to growth and innovation led us to be fully recognized as high-quality wine producers.