La Tognazza’s new course began around the end of the last decade. Gian Marco Tognazzi committed himself to build the right team and lead Ugo’s dream and peculiar philosophy to the current time by adopting the latest wine-making, marketing and communication techniques dynamics.
Gian Marco chose a brand-new business approach and met the entrepreneur and business consultant Alessandro Capria, who gave him the boost to raise the bar.
The “new” Tognazza was born out of this encounter. Its target are young and goliardic audiences whose will is to combine conviviality with fine drinking.

At this stage, the only missing part was the right technical team to step up the game, produce top-range products and gain an increasing share of the market:

Today, La Tognazza represents a new point of view about wine in terms of a technique, design, production and communication
Tapioco, Come se Fosse and Antani; Conte Mascetti, la Voglia Matta and Casa Vecchia: every single Tognazza wine makes a style statement and clearly shows you our dynamic, innovative approach, succeeding in walking on an unorthodox path.