Our wines

The real #MONDOTOGNAZZA reference points, born by Ugo Tognazzi’s spirit.

Michel Piccoli (famous French actor) used to say about Ugo: “a serious man, not at all serious”.
Ugo himself loved to claim “his right to mess around”, often taking rule-breaking actions. His statement clearly describes and defines our company and our wine-making style.

We make top-notch, light-hearted looking and slightly mad products.. We skip useless small talks. We long to restore the original meaning of a dinner with friends, of a glass of wine; of a gift: that basic human need call FUN.

That’s why we define ourselves as #winecreators, our desire being to combine a good glass of wine with a joyful evening with friends.

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Enjoy #mondotognazza[/trx_title]

It is the summary of our philosophy. Conviviality, fun and friendship embodied in a bottle, in full compliance with quality standards.

Three unconventional wines.
Three different worlds; a straight-to-heart journey. A mellow and original atmosphere.
Three stories written with delicate lounge notes, bluesy elegance and rock strength.


Its color and captivating scents remind you of a golden beach and a turquoise sea. A light, seductive, intriguing but never superficial mood…

Come se fosse

It’s the elegance of simplicity, soft bodied and many-sided. Multiple facets to be discovered. It just like a blues song.


It’s straight and rock. A strong, no ordinary passion. Surprising at first, then overwhelming, eventually persistent with its complexities.

Our past, our starting point. A story to tell and revive in a black and white photo, among pots bowls and cookbooks, in an old gramophone.

Three absolutely stylish wines in which tradition meets talented innovation. Three wines that sound like jazz music, a complex flow of olfactory and aromatic notes offering suggestion and pure emotion.
​​”La Tenuta” is the sequel of the tale of courage and innovation Ugo started up, back in 1969, in Casa Vecchia (The Old House), its first dwelling in Velletri.

casa vecchia

It’s THE place, the magic place where Ugo’s gastronomic dreams and love for the countryside were brought to life.
These dreams live on in Casa Vecchia: this wine keeps the way of classic vines and renews it with elegance and contemporary style.

voglia matta

It’s desire, sensuality. It’s the need for something you don’t know, something different from the usual routine, it’s the hunger to get out of the box. A gripping, delightful and surprising wine.

conte mascetti

It’s the will to escape and go for a “gypsy-trip”. It’s a journey enfolded in a glass. The grapes blend in just like old friends celebrating conviviality and being together.